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Self Made Man - Vinyl LP


Black vinyl 12" Self Made Man LP

For his debut solo LP, “Self Made Man," Jack Evan Johnson - formerly of Las Vegas-based rock 'n' roll outfit Dude City - assembled a superband of Las Vegas musicians, including pianist Charlie Shaffer, once a member of Las Vegas’s very first rock and roll band in the 1950s. The group brought Johnson's songs to life with a perfect balance of honky tonk twang and back alley punch, creating what the Las Vegas Review Journal newspaper called "emotionally, sonically .... an album devoid of inhibitions and filters alike." After being recorded in Las Vegas, "Self Made Man" was mixed and mastered by top Nashville engineers who have worked with legendary artists such as Jack White, Steve Earle, Tom Petty and The Traveling Wilburys.

Released September 2, 2014

Produced by Jack Evan Johnson. Engineered by Kelly May (assisted by Ryan Wechta). Mixed by Ed Spear. Mastered by Richard Dodd.

Jack Evan Johnson - vox/guitar. Steve Bonacci - bass. Justin Mather - guitar/piano/vox. Tristan Moyer - fiddle/vox. Dylan Roe - pedal steel guitar. Bruce Harper - drums. Charlie Shaffer - piano. James H. Adams - cello.

Additional vocals by Lucas Johnson.

Track Listing

1. Old Turquoise Ring
2. Wound Worth Licking
3. Rememberin' Rose
4. Self Made Man
5. You Wouldn't Believe What I Put Up With
6. Gypsy Joe
7. Pretty Ok
8. Heart Attack
9. Grandma Song

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